AR Home Inspection Service Price List

How much should a home inspection cost?

Let’s put home inspection fees in perspective: If you’re buying a $400,000 house and the inspection fee is $350, that’s less than .1% of the cost of the house! Most real estate agencies charge 3% to 6% to sell a home, that would be $12,000 to $24,000 for a $400,000 house! The cost of a home inspection is less then seller agents.


Home Inspection Pricing :
Detached/Semi-Detached Home under 1500 sq ft $275 Plus (HST)
Detached/Semi-Detached Home under 2000 sq ft $350 Plus ( HST)
Townhomes/ Condos under 1000 sq ft $ 250 Plus (HST )
Townhomes/ Condos under 1500 sq ft Plus (HST )
Homes over 2000 sq ft add an extra $15 per 150 sq feet
Homes 1950 or older add an additional $100
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Accepted Methods of Payment

Cash, Certified Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.
Due at Time of Inspection

* Please Note, if a home is larger than the square footage agreed upon, the price of the inspection will be adjusted accordingly at the time of the inspection. Square footage is determined by the total amount of living space.